Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have an IRS problem? If you currently owe the IRS more money than you can immediately full pay then, by definition, you have an IRS problem. In some cases, people can solve their IRS problem by properly filing a return or an amended return. The IRS offers the ability to make payments and to enter some installment agreements on their website,
Do I need an attorney. CPA, or enrolled tax agent to assist me with my IRS problem? Many times, this question can be answered by considering the total amount you owe. For instance, if you only owe the IRS $1,500.00, it probably does not make sense to spend thousands of dollars hiring a tax professional to handle your claim. So, when considering any professional, take into account the amount you owe in relation to the total fee you will incur if you retain their services. In order to practice before the IRS, a practitioner must either be a licensed attorney, certified public accountant or an enrolled tax agent (typically former IRS employees who qualify by taking an examination before the IRS). When hiring any professional, make sure you speak or meet that individual personally and choose someone with whom you are comfortable, who seems to understand your particular issue. Ask questions, and make sure you understand the answers. Communication is critical when hiring any professional, and often an area in which a professional and client break down. If a professional is not interested in answering your questions and taking the time to explain the potential strategy for your situation in the beginning, there is a good chance he or she will not do so later after you have engaged.
What do I need to know if I have an IRS problem? –link to 3 things you should know if you owe the IRS money and 3 things you should know if you owe the IRS more than $10,000.00