What Are Things that Could Cause the IRS to Audit You?

So what are some things that could cause the IRS to audit your return? One thing is filing a disorganized return with mathematical errors. Hopefully you wouldn't do that. There's enough software out there to help you with this or CPAs or professionals who can help you. If you make a mathematical error or your tax return is disorganized, you're going to increase your likelihood of being audited. Secondly, if you have deductions that don't make sense in relation to your income, for instance if you made $50,000 this year and you had $15,000 in charitable deductions, it may just be you're a very charitable person and that's great but be sure that you've got all the records to support that deduction. That may put you at higher risk of being audited. Also you want to be consistent. If you file a state tax return you should report the same information on your state tax return that you follow on your federal tax return because that information should be the same. So compare them to one another and make sure that you haven't made any errors because an error in one of them can cause an audit for both returns that could definitely increase your likelihood there. So be careful, be consistent. Tell the truth. Always be organized and use the services of a qualified professional if you need it. The more complicated your return the more likely that that you're going to have to face an audit one day but have your records and if you qualify for those deductions take them.

Just be aware that you're more likely to be audited if you do a very in-depth long return as opposed to 1040EZ.