What is the Newest Tax Scheme?

You have questions about the newest tax scheme that you've heard that can help you save all this money. I want you to be very careful if anyone ever approaches you and tells you that they have a way for you to put money pre-tax into something. You know there are lots of different manners, schemes and things going around out there and you want to be very careful because what you don't want to do is to be found to be guilty of tax evasion or fraud or anything along those lines. So if somebody comes to you and approaches you with something like that, be very wary. Do your research. Almost certainly you're going to want to seek the services of a qualified professional in your area before you make any decisions because you do not want to be in the position of being on the wrong side of that. Also be aware that the IRS does as they discover these schemes they do publish notices of that on their website and we'll try to keep you abreast of any that we run across as well but be very wary of anything that sounds too good to be true. It very well may be and it can get you in very serious trouble.